Wednesday, April 28, 2010

News clips: Insurers are hiring, updates on health reform and federal flood program, and the latest on Hulk Hogan's insurance woes

In news today, a survey by an insurance jobs website, found that 74 percent of the nation's top insurers are now hiring, including several expecting to add at least 2,000 workers this year.

USA Today: Next in health care war: Applying the law: Dozens of special-interest groups that helped shape the 10-year, $938 billion health care measure over the past year — from insurance companies to patient advocates — are gearing up for a second wave of lobbying as the Obama administration prepares to implement the law.

-Is putting older kids on your health plan the best option?

-NYT: Will the homeless benefit?

Forbes: NE gov to abandon its state-run high-risk pool in favor of letting the feds do it

Overextended NFIP can’t seem to get back on track (federal flood insurance program has expired three times in just the past few months)

WA Post: Gaps in insurance policies make oral drugs too pricey for some cancer patients

And finally, the continuing saga of Hulk Hogan’s insurance woes: Wells Fargo: Hulk Hogan Rejected our Insurance Advice

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