Thursday, April 22, 2010

Insurance news: Chinese dryall, new long-term care program...Oh, and a very angry Hulk Hogan.

AP: Nearly 4m to pay health insurance penalty by 2016: New congressional projections show that nearly 4 million Americans will have to pay a penalty for not getting health insurance.

NYT: Louisiana bill would ban Chinese drywall cancellation
Reuters: Sebelius seeks no new money for US healthcare law: HHS’ 2011 budget request unchanged even with new law

BusinessWeek: AK becomes 21st state to join lawsuit against federal health care law

Boston Globe: In MA, Two health insurers ordered to use their 2009 rates, instead of higher 2010 proposed rates. Companies will comply for now (as have four others), but appeal.
Kaiser Health News: Will private Long-Term Care Insurance Supplement the New LTC Insurance Plan in the Federal Health Bill?

NYT: Louisiana bill would ban Chinese drywall cancellations: Legislation would bar property insurers from canceling, refusing to renew, or increasing premiums or deductibles because of Chinese drywall at a property. Former pro wrestler Hulk Hogan sues his insurance broker for “malpractice”, saying that the broker should have advised him to have an umbrella liability policy to protect his net worth after a car accident severely injured his son’s friend.

Insurance Journal: Convicted kidnapper of South Dakota insurance executive sues same insurer for $500k, vowing to give any punitive damages to the USO and the Make-a-Wish foundation

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