Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Insurance news: Motorcyle thefts drop, FL orders company into receivership, and study finds that heart attack victims w/o health coverage put off going to the hospital

LA Times: People suffering heart attacks put off going to the hospital if they don’t have insurance, study finds

NY Times: GA insurance commissioner balks at request on new health law: The insurance commissioner of Georgia has chosen not to comply with a federal request to create a state pool for high-risk insurance plans, opening a new front in the resistance by state Republican officials to the new federal health care law.

Miami Herald: Fla orders receivership for Northern Capital Insurance

Claims Journal: Report: Motorcycle thefts dropped 13 percent in 2009

Nashville Tennessean: Smart Data Solutions and American Trade Association accused of $21 million fraud: “Very few of the members’ health-care claims were ever paid…(Bart) Posey siphoned off much of the money from members’ premiums for his personal and family expenditures, including real estate, cars, boats, recreational vehicles and donations of about $140,000 to the University of Alabama Crimson Tide Foundation.” $7 m in unpaid claims stacked up, with only about $2m in SDS’ bank accounts, according to the story.

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