Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Insurance news: States to pick up health-reform push, health care premiums rising, and a Rhode Island atty draws scrutiny with his investment plan: annuities for the terminally ill...

 Newsweek: The health care reform trickle-down: What it means when states take things into their own hands

WA Post: With health-care reform stalled, debate heats up regarding state approaches

The Wall Street Journal has a fascinating story about a Rhode Island lawyer who apparently saw a sure-thing in buying annuities for the terminally ill.

WA Post: Individual insurance rates soar in 4 states
Reuters: WellPoint, facing congressional scrutiny of its premium rate increases, cancels its investor day

Kaiser Health News: interesting dispute over “Whether Health Insurance Saves Lives”

Fox News: A real solution for covering the uninsured

CBS News: Beware fake health insurance (This story references the American Trade Association, which is under fire in multiple states -- including ours -- for its health coverage offerings.)

Workerscompensation.com: WA Insurance Commissioner Fines Insurers More than $400,000 last year

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