Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Insurance news: Oregon opens health insurer rate filings, new legislation re: autism coverage, and Allstate says teen girl drivers "more distracted" than boys

Health insurers filing rate requests with the state of Oregon will no longer be able to keep those requests secret, the Oregonian reports today.

In Missouri, lawmakers in the House have approved a bill to require insurers to cover treatment for autistic children. The same thing happened in the Virginia state senate.

The Wall Street Journal has an interesting story about insurers getting involved on cancer treatments for their members. Headline: Insurer Plays Judge on Cancer Care.

And the Chicago Tribune reports on an Allstate study that concludes that, as the article puts it, "Differences between the sexes are becoming less noticeable when it comes to teenage driving. In what seems like a role reversal, girls are expressing a new need for speed, while aggressive driving and speeding by boys is down."
Here's the story, and here's the link to the study.

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