Monday, December 14, 2009

Insurance news: health reform bill struggles, swine flu coverage Q&A, and a tug-of-war over car stolen 35 years ago...

Health-care reform continues to struggle on Capitol Hill. A sampling:

Bloomberg: Democrats' Health-Care Breakthrough Hinges on Cost, Holdouts
NYT: Health Fight Echoes the Stimulus Battle
The Olympian: Senate Dems Struggle to Get Health Care on Track has an interesting factcheck-type story entitled "The Five Biggest Myths About Health Reform."

Travelling? Worried about swine flu? The Seattle Times answers your questions about what travel insurance covers and doesn't.

And now your reward for reading this far: There's a bit of an insurance tug-of-war over a 44-year-old Volkswagen microbus, recovered in beautifully restored condition. Allstate, the insurer that paid the claim when the car was stolen, reports several hundred inquiries from interested buyers. The company is reportedly trying to decide whether to donate the vehicle to a museum or give it back to the woman from whom it was 1974.

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