Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Insurance news: health care reform continues to struggle, and epilogue on that VW van recovered decades after it was stolen

The health reform debate continues, with the New York Times reporting that Vice President Joe Biden's saying the window's closing, and won't reopen for another generation.

The White House is answering an insurance-industry analysis of the health legislation with its own report.

National Public Radio examines whether the 8 million-person federal health benefits program could be a model for national reform.

And finally, an epilogue on the story of a 1960s Volkswagen van that was stolen in 1974 and recovered -- in beautifully remodeled condition -- a few months ago. After much debate, insurer Allstate, which paid the original owner the theft claim decades ago, has decided to auction off the van and give the money to a group that helps homeless women and children.

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