Monday, October 12, 2009

And more insurance news: CA flood warning, NY auto data, a "fat tax" in North Carolina and a scandal in N. Dakota

More insurance news today:

-California's Department of Insurance is telling people to get flood insurance if they need it.

-In New York, a new report says that state regulators uphold 1 out of 8 complaints they get about auto insurers.

-In North Carolina -- and accompanied by a photo that will keep you away from the buffet line -- the state government is planning to impose a fee on obese or smoking state employees:

Dubbed the “fat tax,” officials say the higher costs could save $13 million next year.
 -And the Washington Post's Karl Vick reports on the grief that Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota is apparently getting over some of the non-profit's spending:

For the North Dakota insurance sales reps, March may have been the ideal time to enjoy the swim-up bar at a resort on Grand Cayman Island. But back on the northern Plains, where temperatures were below zero, policyholders at Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota were less delighted when they learned about the trip for 66 staff members and guests.

Word of the $238,000 Caribbean retreat broke last winter, compounded by news of other perks: $15 million in executive bonuses over five years, $400,000 for charter flights and $35,000 for a vice president's retirement party. And when the ensuing uproar cost Michael Unhjem his job as chief executive, his landing was softened by a $2.5 million severance payment.

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