Thursday, November 19, 2009

Insurance news: Which cars are the least safe, a great breakdown of the House and Senate health-reform proposals, and the strange saga of the Deer That Attacked the Pennsylvania Insurance Office

USA Today: We saw the news about the safest cars, but which are the least safe? (Hint: Don't get rear-ended in your Hummer H3)

CNN Money: Your options if the 65 percent COBRA subsidy goes away

NY Times: At last: an understandable breakdown of what's in the House and Senate health-care reform proposals. (This is actually very well done, a nice blend of readable, concise, and still a good level of detail.)

Forgot to post this one yesterday: Michigan Messenger: For 12-year-old boy without an arm, insurance has run out (Lifetime maximum benefit of $30k on prostheses means no more artificial arms for the boy)

And now for my pick for the Insurance News Story of the Week: Herd of deer smash through Pittsburgh-area insurance office. Describes "a flash of hooves and fur" and deer smashing through a door, jumping through a window, etc.

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