Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Insurance news: Local flood warning, more data re: lack of insurance being deadly, and reform continues to struggle in Congress

The L.A. Times discusses the recent Archives of Surgery finding that people without health coverage are more likely to die from car accidents and other traumatic injuries, even though hospital emergency rooms are required to care for all who show up. The story includes several possible explanations for this.

The Seattle Times also reports that many seniors remain unconvinced that health care reform will be good for Medicare, or for them. Much of the story's summed up by this sentence:
Even seniors who understand their sweet deal comes courtesy of taxpayers don't want the perks jeopardized.
The Wall Street Journal reports that this week "could offer a test of (Sen. Harry) Reid's ability to hold together Democrats and independents in the 60-vote majority needed" to shut down a GOP filibuster over the Democrat's version of health reform.

And one prominent analyst, the NY Times reports, is now skeptical that Congress will "pass impactful health reform legislation this year, or even in this political cycle."

And locally, the Olympian reports that major flooding of the Chehalis River is possible -- but not certain -- in Thurston and Grays Harbor Counties, with the Chehalis River cresting tonight.

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