Friday, July 31, 2009

In the news this morning...

-"After Rescue, New Weakness Seen at A.I.G" -- The New York Times, citing state regulatory findings, reported this morning that the American International Group "shows signs of considerable weakness even after their corporate parent got the biggest bailout in history.
Click here to read the story.

(Speaking of A.I.G., here's a consumer factsheet, written to answer policyholders' questions, from the Washington state Office of the Insurance Commissioner.)

-Also in the Times, economist Paul Krugman recounts the moment when a man at a town hall meeting told U.S. Rep. Bob Inglis to "keep your government hands off my Medicare" -- and then apparently wouldn't believe that Medicare was run by the federal government.

"It's a funny story -- but it illustrates the extent to which health reform must climb a wall of misinformation," writes Krugman. Click here to read the story.

-And New York Liquidation Bureau head Mark Peters, in an op-ed piece in the Albany Times-Union, argues against proposed changes that would allow insurers to choose whether to be regulated by the states or the feds. Click here to read the story.

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