Thursday, July 30, 2009

As sun and wildfires toast parts of the state, here are some fire tips

With record summer heat -- and in some places, wildfires -- scorching the state, here are some quick reminders:

-Many rural homeowners fear that human-caused fires aren't covered by insurance because they fall under an arson exclusion. Not so. Fire is one of the "basic perils" listed in homeowner's insurance, and all fires should be covered, so long as they were not intentionally set by the insured person.

-Rural homeowners should do everything possible to limit exposure to wildfires. At a minimum, clear a firebreak around your home and outbuildings, using driveways or well-watered green lawn areas as a buffer between the buildings and trees, brush and uncut fields.

-For more tips, including advice on insurance coverage and protecting family keepsakes, see this checklist.

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