Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Job openings

Due primarily to some federal health care reform grants (and one employee who left for a sunnier climate, think of that), the Washington state insurance commissioner's office has a few job openings. Most are limited-duration posititions based on grant money.

Here they are. Click on the position for details about requirements, salary, duties, application process, etc.

Functional Program Analyst 4: Deadline for applying is Nov. 12. These staff advocate on behalf of consumers to ensure that they're being fairly treated by their insurance carriers and by helping educate consumers about insurance. This person will help develop and test online tools to help consumers. This is a project position funded by federal grant dollars, and the grant period runs from Oct. 15, 2010 to Oct. 15, 2011.

Investigator 3: We're looking for a senior investigator to investigate suspected violations of state insurance law. From the job announcement: The Investigator 3 position is an advanced investigative position responsible for conducting complex investigations from the initial discovery of suspected violations, through the prosecution of those involved in illegal activity. Deadline for applying for this job is Nov. 16.

Communications Consultant 4: This is another project job, funded by a federal grant that runs from Oct. 15, 2010 to Oct. 15, 2011. This person will work with our Consumer Protection division to develop and manage communications strategies for consumer assistance and education. Deadline for applying is Nov. 19.

Management Analyst 5: Another project job, with the same grant timeline as those listed above. This would be a project manager position, leading a diverse project team. See the link for much more information on technical details, duties, etc. Deadline for applying: Nov. 19.

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