Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Job opening: Deputy commissioner for policy and legislative affairs

Our Deputy Commissioner for Policy and Legislative Affairs is stepping down to go back to school, meaning that we need to replace her.

As the title suggests, this is the person who oversees the agency's policy and legislative staff, and has a major role in our efforts to help implement federal health care reform in Washington state. So we're looking for a high-energy strategic leader who can manage senior-level professional staffers. We're a small, busy agency with a total staff of about 214 employees.

For a more-detailed job description, discussion of benefits, etc., please see our job posting. (Also: here's a printable version with the details, although the application process is through that first link.)

The salary range is $99,908 to $105,768. The application period closes Aug. 17th.

(This post was modified to reflect a one-week extension in the application period, which was originally Aug. 10th.)

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