Thursday, July 1, 2010

Note to WA agents and brokers

In October, our office will launch a new search feature on our website. The new tool will help consumers look for an agent or broker in their area.

Here's the critical part: The results will provide consumers with your contact information, specifically your business address and phone number. And as things stand now,  a lot of agents and brokers only use their residential addresses -- which we will NOT list in this new tool -- as their primary point of contact with us. They simply leave the business address field blank. But that means that the new search tool won't list them when a consumer searches for an agent or broker by city.

To learn more, see this page. To log in to your online account and update your licensing business address record to be sure that consumers can find you, just click here.

Questions? We're at 360-725-7144 or

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