Friday, June 4, 2010

Job opening: Financial examiner in our Seattle office

We're looking for a financial examiner to join our company supervision team in Seattle. From the job description:
As an examiner-in-charge (EIC), this position plans and conducts the field and/or in-office financial examinations of insurance companies.
Among the job's primary duties:
Plans, conducts, and leads in-field/in-office financial examinations of insurance companies and prepares/coordinates formalized examination reports. Examines/analyzes annual financial statements, actuarial opinions, management decisions and analyses, audited financial statements, holding company statements and other sources of information to discern financial conditions, difficulties, trends, statutory compliance, accuracy and completeness. Reviews and assesses the work and findings of other examiners, staff and experts.
Required qualifications include a CPA license, designation as an accredited financial examiner or certified financial examiner. See the link below for more details.

The pay range is $4,770 to $6,257 a month. Deadline for applying is June 30.

For more details, including a job application, please see our recruitment page.

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