Friday, May 28, 2010

Medicare to start sending out $250 Rx rebates on June 10

One of the first benefits to take effect under the new health reform law is for seniors with Medicare's prescription drug benefit (Part D). If you have Part D and fall into the drug coverage gap - otherwise known as the 'doughnut hole' - and you don't qualify for Medicare's Extra Help, you'll receive a one time check of $250 to help you with your Rx costs. The first checks are scheduled to be mailed on June 10 and will be mailed monthly after people enter the coverage gap.

There's no paperwork to fill out or form to send in - Medicare will automatically send you a check when you qualify. Seniors should beware of potential scammers. If someone contacts you and tells you to fill out paperwork or to give them your personal information before you'll get your check, call 1-800-MEDICARE and report the activity.

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