Friday, September 11, 2009

Small business insurance tips, from startup in-home daycares to established businesses

Own a small business? Starting one? The Washington state Office of the Insurance Commissioner has come up with a list of tips: what to think about, look for, and beware when shopping for insurance to protect your business.

The advice is geared toward a range of businesses, from someone running a child care business out of their home to larger businesses worried about data theft, vehicle fleets and supplier interruptions. And we start with the basics, like how to choose a good agent or broker. If you've got follow-up questions, we've got a toll-free hotline that doesn't send you to some endless phone tree and recordings. It's staffed, live, by real people who are experts at handling insurance questions.

And remember: We're not trying to sell you anything. We're not insurers, or part of the insurance industry. We're the Washington state government agency that regulates, licenses and disciplines agents, brokers and insurers, as well as those selling insurance illegally.

Click here for the agency's "Small Business Insurance 101" tips.

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